Welcome To FIFA Bloopers!

AppIconThank you for visiting my FIFA Bloopers Blog. My name is Hans David and I work as a journalist in Indonesia. During weekends, I am a weekend warrior playing as a left back for Bedebah FC, a football club which was established by me and a couple of mates a couple of years ago.

Other than this blog, I also run and own two other blogs:

  • HansDavidian: my own personal blog written in Indonesian where I share my daily life and reviews on a number of stuffs and products.
  • WordPrezzto: a blog that I use to teach others to start their own blog using WordPress.

I created FIFA Bloopers because I enjoy playing FIFA. The first FIFA series that I played was FIFA 95 on my SEGA Megadrive. I also love to watch the glitches in modern FIFA games that most of the times end up as being really funny and absurd. This blog curates, compiles and shares all the funniest FIFA videos that I can find on the web.

Well, I hope you enjoy this blog and if you need anything, do not hesitate to contact me.

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